Research Area

Hongmaoyuanzhi is an LED screen manufacturer from Shenzhen, China. At the same time, Hongmaoyuanzhi is also a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Hongmaoyuanzhi is committed to researching LED products that meet the market demand and customer interests. In recent years, while ensuring product quality, Hongmaoyuanzhi has gradually focused on fashion, environmental protection and other fields to research more innovative LED products.

At the same time, Hongmaoyuanzhi has also made great efforts in technology to constantly improve product energy consumption, so that Hongmaoyuanzhi products can better adapt to the future trend of environmental protection and energy conservation, which is also part of Hongmaoyuanzhi's social responsibility.

LED Display

LED Display has many research areas that can be developed continuously. For example, LED technology innovation, energy saving and sustainability, interactivity and immersive experience, flexible and wearable Display, biomedical applications, communication and information display, big data and intelligent control.

Together, these research areas build an innovative and promising field that will continue to light up the company's future. LED Display's scientific and technological advances will not only improve people's lives, but also drive the global trend of technological development.

Building Materials

The research of building materials is the core of the construction and infrastructure field, involving a wide range of scientific and engineering applications. Building materials are currently being developed in the areas of sustainable building materials, high-performance materials, smart building materials, nanotechnology applications, recycling and reuse of building materials, smart buildings and renewable energy materials. These research areas are expected to drive the building materials industry towards a more sustainable and safer direction.

Chip Raw Material

Chip raw material research is a crucial part of the modern technology field, which covers a wide range from semiconductors to conductive materials. Chip raw materials include semiconductor materials, nanomaterials, conductive materials, insulating materials,

energy materials, biomaterials, green materials and so on. These research areas not only promote the advancement of chip technology, but also have a profound impact on the performance, energy efficiency and sustainability of electronic devices.

Battery Energy

Battery energy research has always been at the forefront of energy science and technology, promoting a clean, efficient and sustainable energy future. The field of battery energy includes lithium-ion battery technology, solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, fuel cell technology, battery management systems, secondary battery regeneration, environmentally friendly materials and so on. Continuous breakthroughs in these research areas will promote the progress of battery technology and contribute to clean energy, electric transportation, renewable energy storage and sustainable development.


E-commerce is a dynamic and evolving field that not only changes business models, but also provides a wide range of opportunities for academic research. E-commerce's current research areas include consumer behavior research, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, e-payments and fintech, e-commerce security and privacy, cross-border e-commerce, social media and m-commerce, sustainable e-commerce, data analytics and artificial intelligence. These research areas bring together the concerns of academics, practitioners and policy makers to shape the future of digital commerce.