One Of The Groups Under Hongmao

Green Star

Green Star is a professional manufacturer integrating precision plastic mould design and manufacturing, surface treatment and dust-free assembly!

It is a plastic mould R&D and production manufacturer invested and held by Hongmao Group in 2005, Green Star products focus on personal health field, and the whole staff adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and the best service to win the trust and support of our customers!

Green Star is located in Baoan, Shenzhen, covering an area of 8300 square metres, with a complete set of equipment and facilities for mould manufacturing, injection processing and production assembly.

Green Star has been insisting on making cost-effective precision moulds for many years, and has unique research on multi-cavity moulds, thin-wall moulds, stacked moulds, in-mould injection moulds, etc., with the most leading technology in the industry!

Green Star is a typical representative of Hongmao Group's standardised production and manufacturing system.

Green Star has been committed to the standardised production advantages of large manufacturing, and has successively done the research and development of moulds and the supply of finished products for domestic and foreign famous brands, especially in the medical field and the electronic cigarette field, and has made outstanding contributions.

Green Star's goal is to help customers continue to optimise the quality and performance of their products, shorten the cycle time of their products, reduce the cost of their products, and help them to quickly win market success!

Green Star because of years of experience in the plastic injection mould industry, the company is planning to build its own brand, from OEM and ODM OEM-based business model, began to transform and upgrade to do product research and development and market development,

Green Star is expected to start launching its own products by the end of 2023, will be in the personal health, medical equipment, automotive home appliances, two-colour sets of beer and other industries to do the product brand!

Green Star is expected to start launching its own products by the end of 2023, and will do product branding in personal health care, medical devices, automotive home appliances, two-colour beer sets and other industries to adapt to the needs of high-speed development.