One Of The Groups Under Hongmao

Hongmao Group has been specialised in high-tech field, has been invested in upstream chip R&D and design,
as well as focusing on domestic chip import substitution, so as early as 2004, began to get involved in the field of high-end chip investment.TONYU is a high-end chip R & D and agent brand.

To provide customers with the most competitive product portfolio solutions, is committed to becoming a global chip semiconductor industry application programme-based agents.

Currently the agent brand: Everlight Electronics, Nationwide Technology, Long Shang Technology, Longjing Technology, Jeli Technology, Sharp, Optical Micro Technology, Cloud Knowledge, Dacrystal Micro and so on.

TONYU main products: LED, optocoupler, receiver head, transmitter/receiver tube, MCU, Bluetooth chip, 4G/5G/NB communication module, diode, MOS, IGBT, power management IC, TOF, laser diode, AI voice chip and so on. Our products are widely used in new energy, intelligent consumer, industrial control, intelligent detection, instrumentation, intelligent man-machine, automotive electronics and other fields.

TONYU adheres to the core values of "integrity, honesty, innovation, harmony and win-win", combines with the regional development trend of the electronics industry, and sets up the core cities of the electronics industry in the country, setting up the headquarters in Shenzhen, and the three major centres in South China, East China, and North China to achieve the coverage of key cities across the country. Among them, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Xiamen are in operation. Within three years, TONYU will gradually layout: Wuhan, Xi'an, Chengdu, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Beijing sales bases, to achieve efficient customer service in the vicinity, to achieve rapid response to customer needs.

TONYU will continue to strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream industry, to build MCU + LED + FLASH + SENSER + RF as the core of the product ecological closed loop, within three years,

the agent product line to 30, to achieve full coverage of mainstream semiconductor devices. Establish product application technology pre-research, R&D and technical service ecology, product delivery system, data management system.

To provide customers with the most competitive product portfolio solutions and technical services for the upstream chip manufacturers to develop the market layout and market data feedback for channel partners to build a business community, for China's chip semiconductor industry, import substitution and application innovation to provide new ideas, to create new value for the community.

TONYU Mission: To create a first-class enterprise, cultivate professionals, and promote the development of the global semiconductor industry.

TONYU Vision: To become a respected leader in the global semiconductor industry.

TONYU Core Values: Integrity, Honesty, Innovation, Harmony and Win-Win.